HB 388
Requires the attending physician, rather than the Department of Health and Senior Services, to provide a breast implantation patient with information on the advantages, disadvantages, and risks associated with the procedure
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6/30/2011 - Signed by Governor
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SCS HB 388
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August 28, 2011
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HCS/HB 38 - Under current law, a city, town, or village may require a person convicted of an ordinance violation who has not paid a fine imposed as punishment to work one day for every $10 owed.

This act allows the city, town, or village to require one day of work for the greater of: the actual daily cost of incarcerating the prisoner; or the amount the state reimburses for incarcerating the prisoner.

This act requires jail administrators to notify the Missouri uniform law enforcement system (MULES) when certain dangerous felons escape no more than five hours after the escape.