SB 407
Provides sufficient funding to continue the MO RX prescription drug plan
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4/14/2011 - Motion to vote bill do pass failed S Health, Mental Health, Seniors and Families Committee
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Emergency Clause

Current Bill Summary

SB 407 - This act prohibits the authorization of tax credits under the historic preservation, low-income housing, and Missouri Development Finance Board Infrastructure Development Fund contribution tax credit programs. The act also repeals provisions of the Missouri property tax credit, commonly referred to as the circuit breaker tax credit, which allow renters to receive the property tax credit for rent constituting taxes paid and makes the tax credit program subject to appropriation.

This act repeals the sunset provision of the Missouri RX prescription drug program and provides for the expiration of the program on August 28, 2014. This act also provides that the Missouri RX program will be funded by the cost savings realized by the prohibition of the tax credits listed above.

This act contains a nonseverability clause as to all provisions of the act.

This act contains an emergency clause.