SB 364
Authorizes the establishment of parks, trails and greenways districts in certain counties
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3/9/2011 - Hearing Conducted S Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee
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August 28, 2011

Current Bill Summary

SB 364 - This act allows for the creation of parks, trails and greenways districts within certain charter counties. The primary duty of such districts is the development, operation, and maintenance of a system of interconnecting parks and trails throughout the counties comprising the district. District membership is subject to approval by the voters of each participating county.

The district will be managed by a board of directors. Members of the Board will be appointed by the county executive of each participating county and the mayors of certain cities within such counties. Members of the board will serve without compensation for staggered terms.

This act authorizes parks, trails and greenways districts to seek voter approval for a one-tenth of one cent sales tax in participating counties to fund the district. Forty-five percent of the revenue shall be used by the district and fifteen percent shall be returned to the participating counties for local park improvement. The remaining forty percent of such revenues will be returned to the cities in proportion to their relative sales tax contributions to fund the planning, development, supervision, improvement, and maintenance of public parks, trails, and recreational facilities in the district.

The act authorizes parks, trails and greenways districts to issue bonds to fund proposed improvements. Such districts are prohibited from exercising the power of eminent domain. All purchases made by parks, trails and greenways districts over ten thousand dollars will be subject to competitive bidding.