SB 269 Modifies provisions relating to the formation and auditing of joint municipal utility commissions
Sponsor: Brown
LR Number: 0391S.02I Fiscal Note:
Committee: Governmental Accountability
Last Action: 2/17/2011 - Second Read and Referred S Governmental Accountability Committee Journal Page: S285
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2011

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Current Bill Summary

SB 269 - The act requires the State Auditor to audit every joint municipal utility commission in the state beginning in the year 2012 and at least once every two years thereafter. The municipalities that form a joint municipal utility commission must pay for the costs of the audit.

After conducting an audit of a joint municipal utility commission, the State Auditor must report the findings to the Governor and to the elected officers of each municipality that makes up the joint commission. The act lists certain financial disclosures that must be reported as part of any audit of a joint municipal utility commission.

The State Auditor must also report findings from an audit of a joint municipal utility commission to the General Assembly and may make legislative recommendations to improve accountability of the commissions.

The act requires at least one public hearing and voter approval prior to a third or fourth-class city entering into a contract to form a joint municipal utility commission or committing to an investment or project undertaken by a joint municipal utility commission where financial liability is held by the municipal citizens.