Replaces all taxes on income with a sales and use tax
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4/21/2011 - Hearing Conducted S Ways and Means and Fiscal Oversight Committee
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Upon Voter Approval

Current Bill Summary

SJR 1 - Upon voter approval, this proposed constitutional amendment replaces the state individual and corporate income tax, the corporate and bank franchise tax and state sales and use tax with a tax on the sale, use, or consumption of new tangible personal property and taxable services equal to five and eleven-one hundredths percent beginning January 1, 2013. Component parts or ingredients of a new tangible personal property to be sold at retail, federal government purchases, and business-to-business transactions including agriculture will be exempt from the new tax while all other exemptions and tax credits will be eliminated. The enactment of any new exemptions will require a two-thirds affirmative vote by the General Assembly and approval by the Governor. The conservation sales tax, the soil and parks sales tax, and local sales taxes will be recalculated to produce substantially the same amount of revenue. Each qualified family will receive a sales tax rebate based on the federal poverty level guidelines to offset the sales tax on basic necessities.

The Tax Adjustment Commission is created to recommend a one-time adjustment to the new sales tax rate to ensure revenue-neutrality. A rate adjustment may only be recommended to the General Assembly upon a unanimous vote of the Commission. A concurrent resolution, offered in the house of representatives, must be adopted by both houses and sent to the Governor in order to make the one-time rate adjustment recommended by the Commission.

This act is similar to SJR 37 (2010) and HJR 56 (2010).