HB 7 Appropriates money for the expenses and distributions of the departments of Economic Development; Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration; and Labor & Industrial Relations
2/10/2011 Introduced and Read First Time (H) H346
2/14/2011 Read Second Time (H) H356
2/14/2011 Referred: Budget (H) H356
3/15/2011 Public Hearing Completed (H)
3/15/2011 Executive Session Completed (H)
3/15/2011 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
3/15/2011 HCS Reported Do Pass (H) H635
3/15/2011 Referred: Rules - Pursuant to Rule 25(32)(f) (H) H635
3/17/2011 Rules - Executive Session Completed (H)
3/17/2011 Rules - Voted Do Pass with Time Limit (H)
3/17/2011 Rules - Reported Do Pass with Time Limit (H) H697
3/28/2011 Taken Up for Perfection (H) H719
3/28/2011 Laid Over (H) H719
3/29/2011 Taken Up for Perfection (H) H745
3/29/2011 HCS Adopted (H) H745
3/29/2011 Perfected with Amendments (H) H745
3/30/2011 Third Read and Passed (H) H770-771
3/30/2011 S First Read--HCS for HB 7 S526
3/31/2011 Second Read and Referred S Appropriations Committee S546
4/12/2011 Hearing Conducted S Appropriations Committee
4/12/2011 SCS Voted Do Pass S Appropriations Committee (0007S.04C)
4/18/2011 Reported from S Appropriations Committee to Floor w/SCS S749
4/20/2011 SA 1 to SCS S offered & adopted (Schaefer)--(0007S04.03S) S792
4/20/2011 SCS, as amended, S adopted S792
4/20/2011 S Third Read and Passed S792-793 / H1421
4/26/2011 H refuses to concur in SCS, as amended H1610
4/26/2011 H requests S recede or grant conference H1610 / S1070
4/26/2011 S refuses to recede and grants conference S1071 / H1617
4/26/2011 S conferees appointed: Schaefer, Rupp, Pearce, Green, Curls S1071 / H1617
4/26/2011 H conferees appointed: Silvey, Stream, Flanigan, Lampe, Kelly (24) H1618 / S1099
5/4/2011 H submits CCR H1866
5/5/2011 CCR H adopted H1956
5/5/2011 CCS H Third Read and Passed H1957 / S1465
5/5/2011 CCR S offered & adopted S1465-1466
5/5/2011 CCS S Third Read and Passed S1466-1467 / H1972
5/5/2011 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed H1972
5/26/2011 Signed by House Speaker H2710-2711
5/26/2011 Signed by Senate President S2098-2099
5/26/2011 Delivered to Governor H2711
6/10/2011 Signed by Governor