SB 11 Modifies various regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles
12/1/2010 Prefiled
1/5/2011 S First Read--SB 11-McKenna S9
1/12/2011 Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S85
1/19/2011 Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
1/26/2011 SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee (0338S.02C)
1/27/2011 Reported from S Transportation Committee to Floor w/SCS S159
2/1/2011 SA 1 S offered & adopted (Lembke)--(0338S02.04S) S175-176
2/1/2011 SA 2 S offered & adopted (Munzlinger)--(0338S02.01S) S176-179
2/1/2011 SCS, as amended, S adopted S179
2/1/2011 Perfected S180
2/7/2011 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S186
2/7/2011 Referred S Ways & Means and Fiscal Oversight Committee S195
4/7/2011 Hearing Conducted S Ways and Means and Fiscal Oversight Committee
4/7/2011 Voted Do Not Pass S Ways & Means and Fiscal Oversight Committee
5/13/2011 S Formal Calendar S Bills for Third Reading--SCS for SB 11-McKenna (In Fiscal Oversight)