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May 24, 2010 -- Second Regular Session of the 95th General Assembly Comes to a Close and How State's FY 2011 Operating Budget is Spent in St. Louis Area

May 5, 2010 -- Senate Passes $23.3 Billion Budget One Week Ahead of Schedule and Several Bills I Sponsor Under Consideration in the House

April 29, 2010 -- Senate Advances Ballot Issue to Give Missourians a Choice on Creating a Seamless Education System and Important Proclamations Created and Approved by Lawmakers

April 23, 2010 -- Senators Pass Several Bills Aimed at Saving Taxpayer Dollars and Lawmakers Begin to Reconcile Different Budget Bills

April 16, 2010 -- During Tough Economic Times the Senate Makes Difficult Decisions to Advance a $23 Billion State Operating Budget

April 5, 2010 -- Voters Do the Right Thing by Passing Proposition A to Fund Our Transit System and New General Revenue Numbers Show More Decline

March 29, 2010 -- Senate Approves Fiscal Year 2010 Supplemental Budget and the Senate Education Committee Looks at Ways to Save You Money

March 22, 2010 -- Senators Discuss Your Ideas About Changing State Government and the Debate Over Federal Health Care Legislation Takes Center Stage in Missouri

March 15, 2010 -- Senate Initiative Launched to Reboot State Government as Lawmakers Return to the Capitol City for the 2nd Half of the 95th General Assembly

March 1, 2010 -- Senate Work Continues as Balancing the Budget Becomes a Top Priority and Federal Funding Could Change the Way Health Care is Delivered in Missouri

February 22, 2010 -- The Importance of Participating in the 2010 Census and Bills Relating to Adoption and Foster Care Receive Final Senate Approval

February 15, 2010 -- Protecting and Educating Families in Missouri and Honoring Black History Month

January 25, 2010 -- Shining a Light on the Needs of Struggling Families in St. Louis and Honoring the Values and Beliefs of the Girl Scouts

January 18, 2010 -- Senate Committee Work Continues as Lawmakers Gather for Governor's State of the State Address

January 11, 2010 -- Senate Seminars Top Legislative Agenda