Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Ridgeway

SB 597 - Requires 10% of state contracts be awarded to businesses with less than 25 employees
SB 598 - Requires all first class counties to accept installment payments for certain property taxes
SB 599 - Removes the requirement that goods and services be purchased by the state and public institutions from the Vocational Enterprises Program
SB 652 - Allows jury trials in termination of parental rights actions
SB 823 - Exempts utilities, machinery, and equipment used in data storage from state and local sales and use tax
SB 919 - Changes the date for submission of a consolidated public library district's annual report to the district board, county commission, and state library
SB 973 - Authorizes state and local sales and use tax exemptions for shooting ranges
SCR 57 - Endorses an observer status for Taiwan in the International Civil Aviation Organization
SJR 23 - Prohibits a political subdivision from receiving state funding if it provides health insurance to its employees through a public health insurance option plan
SJR 37 - Replaces all taxes on income with a sales and use tax
SJR 38 - Requires the legislative session to end in late March rather than mid-May
HB 1372 - Modifies telecommunications provisions relating to carrier of last resort obligations and emergency phone service