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Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham

SB 630 - Modifies various provisions pertaining to manufactured homes
SB 631 - Creates the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act
SB 632 - Modifies provisions relating to dog fighting
SB 671 - Limits increases in assessed value of residential real property until transfer of ownership
SB 672 - Revises the conditions under which school districts may suspend or terminate teacher and administrator contracts
SB 732 - Requires public higher education institutions to annually report on steps taken to ensure intellectual diversity
SB 735 - Requires public libraries to adopt policies on the placement of books and other materials that are obscene or pornographic for minors
SB 912 - Expands the ban on public fund expenditures for political purposes and bars lobbyists from serving on advisory committees
SB 913 - Prohibits a municipality from requiring any of its employees to reside within the municipality if the only public school district fails to meet certain accreditation standards
SB 914 - Exempts wholesale drug distributors who meet certain conditions from having to obtain a license from the Board of Pharmacy for out-of-state distribution sites
SB 927 - Requires certification for certain contractors who work on fire sprinkler systems
SB 967 - Allows any winery, distiller, manufacturer, wholesaler or brewer to provide beverage samples on a licensed retail premises for tasting purposes
SB 1023 - Modifies provisions regarding hospital licensure
SB 1024 - Modifies provisions relating to teachers
SJR 25 - Prohibits laws interfering with freedom of choice in health care
SJR 26 - Limits increases in assessed value of real property caused by reassessment until a transfer of ownership occurs
HB 1519 - Creates the crimes of assault of a transit operator or an employee of a mass transit system while in the scope of his or her duties in the first, second, and third degree
HB 1584 - Modifies provisions pertaining to manufactured homes
HB 1692 - Modifies provisions relating to real estate broker and real estate salesperson licensing, unemployment compensation, deadly force, and other provisions of law
HB 1892 - Authorizes school personnel other than the school superintendent to issue a work certificate
HB 1965 - Repeals and modifies provisions deemed to be obsolete
HB 2220 - Requires election judges to swear to support and defend the United States and Missouri constitutions

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