Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Lager

SB 621 - Modifies provisions relating to Digital Cadastral Parcel Mapping
SB 700 - Modifies various provisions of law regarding political subdivisions and the conservation of natural resources
SB 810 - Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of fireworks
SB 852 - Modifies the law relating to the Missouri Human Rights Act and employment discrimination
SB 897 - Modifies provisions pertaining to utilities and certain clean water requirements and fees
SB 928 - Modifies provisions of law regarding the sales tax treatment of sales for resale
SB 929 - Makes it lawful for Caldwell County to enter into a contract with private corporations engaged in delivering water at wholesale for domestic consumption
SB 1012 - Modifies provisions relating to water quality laboratory testing
SB 1065 - Creates the Joint Committee on the Reduction and Reorganization of Programs within State Government
SCR 52 - Recognizes that tax refunds lawfully belong to the people and that the Governor and the Department of Revenue must ensure that income tax refunds are processed and returned in a timely manner
SJR 35 - Limits general revenue appropriations and mandates state income tax rate reductions in certain situations
SJR 36 - Modifies procedures by which the General Assembly must approve salary recommendations from the Citizens' Commission on the Compensation of Elected Officials
HB 1516 - Repeals expired statutes
HB 1871 - Modifies provisions pertaining to environmental protection
HB 2048 - Modifies various provisions of law regarding the collection of taxes
HB 2109 - Modifies provisions pertaining to natural resources
HB 2285 - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property and requires the Office of Administration to provide members of the General Assembly a key to access the Capitol building dome