Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Griesheimer

SB 580 - Modifies various provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB 581 - Allows the city council of a third class city to submit a question to the voters as an advisory referendum
SB 698 - Requires certain incumbent local exchange telecommunications companies to reduce intrastate switched exchange access rates
SB 705 - Modifies provisions related to rates charged by natural gas corporations and provisions of Utilicare assistance
SB 724 - Modifies provisions of the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act
SB 741 - Allows members of an ambulance district board of directors to be subject to recall from office
SB 746 - Imposes various billboard standards to billboards adjacent to Interstate 70 and Interstate 44 during periods of interstate construction
SB 755 - Modifies sales tax provision contained in transportation development district law
SB 791 - Modifies provisions pertaining to sewer and water utilities
SB 813 - Provides the director of the department of economic development discretion to increase tax incentives under certain programs for the benefit of Missouri businesses
SB 826 - Authorizes sales taxes to fund ambulance and fire protection services
SB 869 - Increases certain motor vehicle safety inspection fees and requires highway patrol to issue rules to computerize the Vehicle Safety Inspection Program
SB 924 - Authorizes the issuance of tax credits for Show-me Fund Projects under the Quality Jobs Act
SB 934 - Modifies the law relating to mechanic's lien rights
SB 935 - Modifies the law relating to priority in mechanic's lien rights
SB 1001 - Requires the Governor to annually issue a proclamation setting apart the first week of May as "Local Government Week" in Missouri
SB 1011 - Modifies provisions of law providing for the reimbursement of costs incurred in assessing property for tax purposes
HB 1290 - Modifies various provisions relating to political subdivisions
HB 1750 - Requires certain telephone companies to reduce intrastate exchange access rates
HB 1824 - Modifies licensing for certain social workers
HB 1977 - Modifies the laws regarding emergency services and emergency medical technicians-intermediate
HB 2198 - Modifies provisions of the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act