SB 845 Modifies the law relating to voter registration and absentee ballots for overseas voters
Sponsor: Barnitz
LR Number: 4237S.02P Fiscal Note: 4237-02P.ORG
Committee: Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections
Last Action: 5/6/2010 - Hearing Conducted H Special Standing Committee on Gov. Accountability & Ethics Reform Committee Journal Page:
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2010

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Current Bill Summary

SB 845 - The Secretary of State shall establish procedures for overseas voters to request and send voter registration applications and absentee ballot applications by mail and electronically. Overseas voters include absent uniformed services voters, persons residing outside the United States who are qualified to vote in their previous domicile before leaving, those residing outside the United States who would otherwise be qualified to vote in their previous domicile, and persons in federal service.

The Secretary of State shall print and make available a sufficient quantity of absentee ballots, ballot envelopes, and mailing envelopes for such voters.

Absent uniformed services and overseas voters are excused from being required to deliver an affidavit sworn to before the election official receiving the ballot, notary public, or another authorized to administer oaths with the absentee ballot.

Election authorities are barred from refusing valid marked absentee ballots submitted by absent uniformed services and overseas voters solely on the basis of restrictions on envelope type.

The Secretary of State in coordination with the local election jurisdictions shall develop a free access system by which an absent uniformed services and overseas voter may determine whether his or her ballot has been received.

This act removes the requirement that voters must make a statement by federal postcard, letter, or on a form prepared by the local election authority to qualify for a special write-in absentee ballot due to serving in the military or isolation. The special write-in absentee ballot shall be used in place of the Federal write-in absentee ballot in general, special, and primary elections for federal office.