Missouri State Senate

Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed

SCS/SB 834 - Under this act, a domestic insurer organized as a stock insurance company may voluntarily dissolve and liquidate provided that the director of the Department of Insurance approves the articles of dissolution prior to the insurer's filing of such articles with the Secretary of State and the insurer files with the secretary of state a copy of the director's approval, certified by the director, along with articles of dissolution.

In determining whether to approve the articles of dissolution, the director shall consider, among other factors, whether:

1) The insurer's annual financial statements filed with the director show no written insurance premiums for 5 years;

2) The insurer has demonstrated that all policyholder claims have been satisfied or have been transferred to another insurer in a transaction approved by the director; and

3) A market conduct examination of the insurer has been completed within the last 5 years.

This provision is contained in the truly agreed to version of SB 583 (2010) and the truly agreed to version of HB 1764 (2010).