Missouri State Senate


SB 706 - This act requires the director of the Department of Insurance or a vendor under contract with the Department of Insurance, to review life insurance producer license examinations if, during a 12-month period beginning on September 1, the examinations show an overall pass rate of less than 70 percent for first-time examinees. The act requires the department to collect demographic information, including, race, gender, and national origin, from an individual taking a producer license examination. The act further requires the department to compile an annual report based on the examination review. The report must indicate whether there was any disparity in the pass rate based on demographic information. The act authorizes the director by rule to establish procedures as necessary to collect demographic information necessary to implement the act and ensure that a review is conducted and the resulting report is prepared. The act also requires the director to deliver the report to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the President Pro tem and the Speaker of the House of Representatives not later than December 1 of each year. This provision may also be found in the truly agreed to version of SB 583 (2010).