Missouri State Senate


SCS/SB 969 – This act modifies school attendance requirements.

ATTENDANCE AGE FOR ST. LOUIS AND KANSAS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Any parent who chooses to send his or her child to a public, private, parochial, parish school, or combination thereof, in the St. Louis City or Kansas City School Districts must do as at age six. This change will begin in the 2011-2012 school year. (Section 167.031)

START DATES FOR KINDERGARTEN: This act allows a school district to offer, by majority vote of the school board, two start dates for kindergarten. One start date must occur on the normal starting date for the district and the other must occur approximately halfway through the year. The school district may group children according to their date of birth. In addition, school districts must allow parents to have their child start kindergarten on the start date of their choice. A district that adopts a second start date for kindergarten students will not lose eligibility to receive state aid regardless of the timing or number of days of actual pupil attendance. Average daily attendance for students starting on a second start date must be calculated as provided in current law. A child who begins kindergarten on a second start date in the school year may be promoted to first grade the next school year if the student's teacher and principal find that the student is adequately prepared. The student's parent or legal guardian may request that the student remain in kindergarten for an additional year. (Section 171.017)