Missouri State Senate

Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 588 - Under current law, assessors in charter counties and the City of St. Louis are required to provide taxpayers with a projected tax liability notice which must accompany a notice of increased assessed value. Assessors in all other counties will be subject to the same projected tax liability notice requirements effective January 1, 2011. This act allows any county adopting a charter form of government after January 1, 2009, and any county which will be subject to projected tax liability notices effective January 1, 2011, to opt out of the requirements by an majority vote of the governing body of such county. Any county which opts out of the projected tax liability notice requirements must provide a notice of increased assessed value containing a statement informing the taxpayer that the change in assessed value may impact the taxpayer's tax liability, the previous assessed value for the property, and all processes and deadlines for appealing determinations of assessed value.