Missouri State Senate


SB 837 - Under this act, if the Director of Revenue reasonably believes a person has obtained a title, license plate, or license plate tab in a fraudulent manner, the person must surrender such items. A failure to do so constitutes a Class A misdemeanor (Section 301.423).

Under this act, it is unlawful for any person to display, or to have in his or her possession, any nondriver identification card knowing that the card is fictitious or to have been canceled, suspended, revoked, disqualified or altered. Similarly, the act makes it unlawful for a person to lend or knowingly permit the use of nondriver identification card that is fictitious. The current law only applies to the fraudulent display, possession or use of a license (Section 302.220).

This act ties the statute of limitations for a prosecution for making a false statement on a driver's license application to the discovery of the statement's falsity, rather than the time when the statement was made. A prosecution for a person who makes a false statement on a driver's license application may commence one year after the director first discovers the falsity of the statement or affidavit, however no prosecution shall commence more than 6 years after the statement or affidavit was made (Section 302.230).