Missouri State Senate


SB 627 - This act provides that the Department of Health and Senior Services shall directly mail age and gender appropriate information to parents or guardians of students entering grade 6 regarding the connection between HPV and cervical cancer and the availability of the HPV immunization. Such information shall include the risk factors for developing cervical cancer, the connection between HPV and cervical cancer, how it is transmitted and how transmission can be prevented, the latest scientific information about the immunization's effectiveness, information about the importance of pap smears, and a statement explaining that questions from parents or guardians may be answered by a health care provider.

Each mailing shall request that the parents of students entering grade 6 voluntarily furnish a written statement to the department, not later than 20 days after the first day of school, stating that they have received the information and that the student has received the immunization or the parents have decided not to have the student immunized. The informational mailing sent to parents shall have displayed in bold type that the request from the parent or guardian for the written statement is voluntary. The form to be returned by the parents shall not request identifying information about the student, parent or guardian. Nothing in the act shall be construed to prevent school attendance if a parent has opted not to have the student receive the HPV immunization or has not furnished the written statement.

Beginning July 1, 2011, the department shall submit to the general assembly a report detailing the number of sixth grade students who have and have not been immunized against the HPV infection and the number of non-responses to the request for the written statement. The information derived from the written statement shall be used for statistical purposes only and shall not be used to personally identify any parent or guardian, or any student.

This act is substantially similar to SCS/SB 104 (2009), SCS/SB 514(2007) and HCS/SS/SCS/SB 778(2008).