Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Shields

SB 4 - Establishes a quality rating system for child care facilities
SB 189 - Modifies the law currently prohibiting Kansas City police officers from participating in some political activities
SB 215 - Modifies various provisions of law relating to taxation
SB 291 - Modifies provisions relating to education
SB 392 - Phases out the corporate income tax
SB 519 - Repeals and reduces certain committees and commissions and sets a sunset date for other committees and commissions
SCR 1 - Appoints a 34-member joint committee to assist in the Inauguration ceremonies
SCR 17 - Petitions the Council of State Governments to move the state of Missouri from the Southern Region of the Council to the Midwest Region of the Council
SR 86 - Changes Senate Rules 25 and 28 relating to Senate standing committees
SR 302 - Creates the Missouri Senate Job Creation 2020 Committee
SR 303 - Creates the Missouri Senate Healthy Missourians 2020 Committee
SR 304 - Creates the Missouri Senate Educated Workforce 2020 Committee
HB 154 - Modifies provisions relating to placement of children