Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Griesheimer

SB 5 - Creates the Missouri County Planning Act
SB 6 - Modifies when a city mayor shall vote on ordinances, resolutions, and motions before the city's governing body
SB 7 - Modifies various provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB 118 - Modifies duties of the Department of Natural Resources regarding solid waste planning
SB 119 - Authorizes the imposition of a fee on wireless phone services to fund enhanced 911 service
SB 122 - Allows members of an ambulance district board of directors to be subject to recall from office
SB 123 - Modifies provisions of law relating to county collectors
SB 150 - Specifies that overtime or compensatory time is not included in certain retirement benefit calculations for the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System
SB 171 - Modifies provisions relating to liquor control
SB 174 - Modifies provisions of law relating to property taxation
SB 212 - Provides tax incentives for small business expansion
SB 289 - Redefines the term "project" as it is used in the Missouri Transportation Development District Act to exclude certain types of improvements
SB 299 - Modifies provisions related to rates charged by natural gas corporations and provisions of Utilicare assistance
SB 362 - Increases recording user fees and requires requests for records dated after December 31, 1969, to be made to the office in which the record was originally filed
SB 363 - Allows Department of Revenue to appoint motor vehicle dealers to serve as agents for the purpose of collecting and remitting motor vehicle sales and use taxes
SB 426 - Repeals the current provisions regulating nonintoxicating beer and requires such beer to be regulated in the same manner as other intoxicating liquors
SB 427 - Changes the organizational structure of the Missouri One Call System from a non-profit organization to a public governmental body
SB 428 - Repeals the Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act
SB 494 - Allows certain counties to seek voter approval for a sales tax to fund interoperable emergency communications
SB 495 - Modifies various provisions relating to employment security
SB 524 - Creates a state and local sales and use tax exemption for certain printed products
SB 525 - Modifies the law with respect to certain off-highway vehicles (ATVs and recreational off-highway vehicles)
SR 49 - Authorizes the use of Senate Chamber by the Missouri Community College Association
HB 148 - Modifies provisions relating to county collectors and the collection of taxes
HB 191 - Creates various tax incentives for job development
HB 326 - Modifies provisions relating to certain mental health professionals
HB 376 - Modifies various provisions relating to political subdivisions
HB 495 - Modifies telecommunications provisions relating to carrier of last resort obligations, exchange access rates, and emergency phone service
HB 644 - Requires operators of salvage pool or salvage disposal sales, rather than sellers, who sell nonrepairable vehicles to foreign residents to complete certain statutory duties
HB 859 - Requires communities to file one copy of any technical code adopted with the clerk's office to be available to the public, rather than three copies
HB 928 - Designates a portion of State Highway 100 located in Franklin Count as the "Veterans Memorial Highway"
HB 952 - Establishes the Independence Day Sales Tax Holiday
HB 1075 - Modifies various provisions relating to unemployment compensation