Bills assigned to Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources


SB 10 - Champion - Allows Missouri residents who own or lease at least 5 acres of land to hunt or fish on such land without a permit or in certain circumstances with a permit that is free-of-charge
SB 11 - Bartle - Repeals the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard Act
SB 29 - Stouffer - Requires all diesel fuel sold at retail in Missouri after a certain date to be a biodiesel-blended fuel
SB 143 - Mayer - Creates price reporting requirements for licensed grain dealers
SB 153 - Clemens - Modifies provisions pertaining to milk sales, the Rice Advisory Council and the state veterinarian
SB 158 - Clemens - Provides certain jurisdiction to the Department of Agriculture regarding health management of privately owned deer
SB 186 - Bray - Creates the Healthy Pet Act
SB 194 - Shoemyer - Creates procedures for crop sampling by a patent holder of genetically modified seed
SB 195 - Shoemyer - Requires farmers to register and pay a fee for retaining seed produced from patented genetically-modified seed
SB 205 - Shoemyer - Prohibits the condemnation of property owned by certain gun clubs or sportsmen's clubs
SB 209 - Clemens - Creates a central filing system for filing financing statements to perfect a security interest in farm products
SB 281 - Bray - Directs the Air Conservation Commission to develop voluntary guidelines for limiting non-natural night time light emission near designated places
SB 293 - Barnitz - Exempts tractors used in tractor parades from certain width, length, height and license plate display regulations under certain circumstances
SB 297 - Scott - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council
SB 350 - Clemens - Allows a hand-fishing season for catfish and carp during June and July on certain waterways
SB 356 - Purgason - Modifies various provisions of law relating to the regulation of Missouri waterways.
SB 364 - Clemens - Provides labeling and recycling requirements for television manufacturers
SB 372 - Dempsey - Allows the Conservation Commission to permanently revoke the hunting permit of any person who accidentally kills someone else while hunting
SB 381 - Schaefer - Allows certain governmental and charitable entities to hold conservation easements
SB 384 - Lager - Modifies provisions relating to geographical information systems
SB 398 - Barnitz - Modifies property posting provisions
SB 409 - Stouffer - Extends the expiration date until January 1, 2020 for the scrap tire fee and modifies uses of the fee proceeds
SB 419 - Purgason - Expands the required representation on solid waste management councils to include communities of less than 500 people
SB 430 - Smith - Creates and modifies provisions pertaining to environmentally sustainable practices
SB 451 - Cunningham - Allows any winery, distiller, manufacturer, wholesaler or brewer to provide beverage samples on a licensed retail premises for tasting purposes
SB 462 - Crowell - Modifies provisions pertaining to hazardous substance spills and emergencies
SB 526 - Clemens - Authorizes the state veterinarian to restrict the movement of animals or birds under investigation for carrying a toxin
SB 556 - Mayer - Prohibits certain large users of water from unduly disrupting farm irrigation activities
SJR 8 - Shoemyer - Allows Missourians to practice hand-fishing in the waters of the state
HB 93 - Thomson - Exempts tractors used in tractor parades from certain width, length, height and license plate display regulations under certain circumstances
HB 246 - Loehner - Modifies laws regarding surface mining and sand and gravel removal
HB 250 - Wilson - Modifies provisions pertaining to horseback riding on public land and the state soil and water conservation program
HB 251 - Cunningham - Specifies that any return on savings given by a cooperative association to its members for the purchase of milk products will not be a violation of the Unfair Milk Sales Practices Act
HB 287 - Day - Classifies sawmills and planing mills as agricultural and horticultural property instead of commercial property for property tax purposes
HB 426 - Sutherland - Creates the Large Carnivore Act which regulates the possession and care of certain non-native big cats and bears
HB 657 - Cooper - Modifies provisions relating to boat docks
HB 658 - Dugger - Creates a tax credit for qualifying milk production
HB 661 - Ruzicka - Modifies provisions pertaining to programs administered by the Department of Natural Resources
HB 734 - Ruzicka - Modifies provisions pertaining to energy and water polllution
HB 807 - Wilson - Designates the Missouri River as the official state waterway
HB 845 - Munzlinger - Adds interference with lawful fishing to the activities for which courts are allowed to award damages for expenditures incurred by an individual when interference has occurred
HB 915 - Hobbs - Modifies provisions relating to licensed grain dealers