Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Small Business, Insurance and Industry

SB 16 - Nodler - Criminalizes the production, manufacture, possession and a sale of fraudulent documents intended to serve as insurance identification cards
SB 69 - Bray - Modifies law regarding property insurance
SB 126 - Rupp - Prohibits life insurers from taking underwriting actions or charging different rates based upon a person's past or future lawful travel destinations unless such action is based upon sound actuarial principles
SB 167 - Rupp - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders under certain conditions
SB 169 - Shoemyer - Regulates insurance agents selling Medicare Advantage plans
SB 202 - Schaefer - Modifies the law regarding the operation of a motorcycle, namely the assignment of fault for the operator's normal operation of such vehicle and the ability to forego wearing headgear while operating it
SB 217 - Goodman - Allows remote participation in certain corporate shareholders' meetings and allows limited liability companies and limited partnerships to administratively cancel their respective documents of organization
SB 269 - Rupp - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of captive insurance companies
SB 277 - Cunningham - Authorizes financial institutions to assign fiduciary obligations relating to irrevocable life insurance trusts
SB 280 - Rupp - Specifies that insurance companies subject to an annual tax on gross premium receipts are exempt from the imposition of Missouri's corporate income and franchise taxes
SB 283 - Lembke - Prohibits health carriers from imposing co-insurance or co-payment amounts that exceeds 50% of the total cost of any single health care service
SB 311 - Goodman - Modifies the law that limits indemnity agreements in construction work contracts
SB 323 - Ridgeway - Restricts certain workers' compensation benefits to instances when an employee's disfigurement is a hindrance to employment
SB 335 - Rupp - Modifies the law with respect to Missouri's motor vehicle financial responsibility law
SB 336 - Rupp - Creates a legal process for insurance companies to contest policy coverage issues without breaching certain agreements to their insureds
SB 346 - Schaefer - Requires that after January 1, 2010, any self-service display of tobacco products may only be located in a tobacco specialty store
SB 394 - Ridgeway - Allows certain businesses to use terms such as drug store in their business name
SB 397 - Shoemyer - Licenses auto body repair facilities and physical damage appraisers
SB 454 - Mayer - Waives the waiting week for seekers of unemployment benefits adversely affected by the winter storm of January 2009
SB 463 - Days - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for the treatment and diagnosis of eating disorders
SB 464 - Stouffer - Modifies various provisions relating to insurance
SB 465 - Pearce - Creates the Division of Job Development and Training and modifies the reporting requirements for obtaining unemployment benefits
SB 478 - Shoemyer - Forbids health carriers from requiring providers to disclose their reimbursement rates with other carriers as a condition to contract
SB 483 - Rupp - Revises Missouri's annual financial reporting law to correspond with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model regulations
SB 486 - Green - Grants employees of any public body the right to form and join labor organizations
SB 495 - Griesheimer - Modifies various provisions relating to employment security
SB 506 - Callahan - Creates fire sprinkler business regulations
SB 571 - Lembke - Prohibits insurers and their agents from engaging in certain activities with respect to motor vehicle collision repair claims
HB 258 - Jones - Modifies the prevailing and tipped employee wage rate
HB 259 - Tilley - Modifies Missouri’s prompt pay statute with respect to the payment of health insurance claims
HB 577 - Yates - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulations of insurance
HB 919 - Ruestman - Permits associations to provide group health insurance policies to sole-proprietorships and self-employed individuals
HB 1075 - Fisher - Modifies various provisions relating to unemployment compensation