Bills assigned to General Laws


SB 15 - Nodler - Authorizes the conveyance and lease of certain state properties
SB 26 - Ridgeway - Prohibits alcohol beverage vaporizers
SB 27 - Ridgeway - Exempts persons 21 years of age or older from wearing protective headgear except when operating or riding motorcycles upon interstate highways
SB 37 - Goodman - Modifies provisions relating to the public defender system
SB 47 - Scott - Modifies requirements for certain law enforcement personnel
SB 53 - Days - Allows adopted persons eighteen years of age and older to obtain copies of their original birth certificate under certain circumstances
SB 62 - Wilson - Authorizes the court to appoint a parenting coordinator to assist with parental disputes regarding child custody or support
SB 63 - Rupp - Modifies various provisions relating to dog fighting
SB 83 - Wilson - Prohibits the ownership, possession, or discharge of a taser or stun gun
SB 127 - Rupp - Requires the Governor to annually issue a proclamation declaring the first week of March as Math, Engineering, Technology and Science Week
SB 141 - Smith - Modifies the law on the establishment of paternity
SB 156 - Goodman - Modifies provisions of law regarding travel clubs
SB 171 - Griesheimer - Modifies provisions relating to liquor control
SB 179 - Wright-Jones - Authorizes several real property interest conveyances to various entities
SB 184 - Bartle - Creates penalties for owners of dogs that cause injury and creates an absolute defense against civil liability or prosecution for killing or injuring certain threatening dogs
SB 189 - Shields - Modifies the law currently prohibiting Kansas City police officers from participating in some political activities
SB 190 - Shoemyer - Requires all offices of elected officials in the State Capitol to be accessible to individuals with disabilities by December 31, 2014
SB 197 - Goodman - Prescribes requirments as to billing for anatomic pathology services not personally rendered
SB 201 - Cunningham - Modifies provisions relating to dog fighting
SB 214 - Scott - Modifies various provisions pertaining to manufactured homes
SB 227 - Dempsey - Modifies provisions relating to dangerous animal registration
SB 230 - Bray - Adopts the Uniform Planned Community Act
SB 231 - Cunningham - Exempts landlords from liability for loss or damage to tenants' personal property when executing an order for possession of premises
SB 249 - Schaefer - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB 251 - Smith - Modifies provisions relating to campaign expenditures and disclosure
SB 263 - Mayer - Modifies the law relating to the Second Capitol Commission, the Seismic Safety Commission and liability of volunteers during declared emergencies
SB 267 - Mayer - Modifies various provisions relating to real estate liens
SB 270 - Bray - Imposes campaign contribution limits for individuals and committees in support of candidates running for public office
SB 339 - Goodman - Modifies the crime of making a false declaration
SB 349 - Goodman - Requires the Director of the Oversight Division of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to seek information directly from the Division of Tourism for bills that affect the tourism industry
SB 374 - Mayer - Codifies the employment-at-will doctrine
SB 401 - Goodman - Adds a circuit judge position to each of three judicial circuits
SB 405 - Scott - Modifies various provisions relating to manufactured homes, including the procedure for obtaining a title to an abandoned manufactured home
SB 417 - Goodman - Allows law enforcement agencies to hold a suspect arrested without a warrant for up to 48 hours, rather than 24 hours, before charging the person with a crime.
SB 423 - Pearce - Adds a third circuit judge to the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
SB 434 - Green - Modifies various provisions relating to ethics
SB 444 - Wilson - Creates general standards for the use of mediation to resolve disputes
SB 450 - Cunningham - Requires public libraries to adopt policies on the placement of books and other materials that are obscene or pornographic for minors
SB 458 - Lager - Imposes duties of confidentiality upon employees of the Oversight Division of the Committee on Legislative Research
SB 466 - Smith - Creates a method to publicly finance election campaigns for legislative and gubernatorial candidates
SB 469 - Justus - Requires certain notices to tenants in cases of foreclosure and provides additional time before eviction actions may begin
SB 473 - Bray - Institutes procedures for public employee collective bargaining
SB 476 - Wright-Jones - Allows elected officials to be excused from jury duty during their term of office
SB 480 - Shoemyer - Creates the Missouri Board on Geographic Names and modifies the name and duties of the Second Capitol Commission
SB 485 - Pearce - Requires the Ethics Commission to redact the bank account number contained on a committee's statement of organization before it makes the statement public
SB 490 - Wilson - Amends various provisions of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
SB 514 - Dempsey - Creates the Legislative Budget Office and modifies duties of various joint committees of the General Assembly
SB 519 - Shields - Repeals and reduces certain committees and commissions and sets a sunset date for other committees and commissions
SB 529 - Goodman - Criminalizes prenatal drug or alcohol use
SB 530 - Goodman - Modifies provisions relating to child abuse investigations
SB 535 - Days - Creates the crime of breach airport security
SB 540 - Schaefer - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property known as the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center to the University of Missouri-Columbia
SB 544 - Schmitt - Modifies provisions regarding organizations soliciting charitable contributions on roadways
SB 548 - Schmitt - Allows for the establishment of health record banks
SB 560 - Green - Removes the requirement that commissioners of the Administrative Hearing Commission be attorneys
SB 562 - Smith - Modifies provisions relating to the electronic storage of support obligations
SJR 6 - Lager - Modifies procedures by which the General Assembly must approve salary recommendations from the Missouri Citizens' Commission on the Compensation of Elected Officials
SJR 12 - Scott - Proposes a constitutional amendment reaffirming a citizen's right to free expression of religion
HB 83 - Wood - Modifies provisions of law regarding travel clubs
HB 124 - Komo - Modifies the scope and duration of the Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Homeland Security
HB 128 - Cunningham - Requires public bodies to use the traditional name of any holiday that such body observes or recognizes and designates December 25th of every year as Christmas
HB 154 - Ruestman - Modifies provisions relating to placement of children
HB 171 - Cox - Excuses tenant from paying rent when his or her residence is destroyed by an act of God or other natural or man-made disaster, provided the tenant was not the cause of the disaster
HB 218 - Ervin - Modifies the eligibility rules for health insurance coverage under the Missouri Health Insurance Pool
HB 255 - Scharnhorst - Removes the Director of the Forms Management Unit as a voting member of the State Records Commission and replaces him or her with the Commissioner of the Office of Administration
HB 282 - Stevenson - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property in Jasper County, known as the Joplin Regional Center, to Missouri Southern State University
HB 299 - Wilson - Removes the cap on appropriations of nonresident entertainer and athlete tax revenues to the Missouri Arts Council
HB 316 - Jones - Modifies provisions regarding public meetings and records, commonly known as the "Sunshine Law"
HB 544 - Smith - Requires the Commissioner of the Office of Administration to maintain the Missouri Accountability Portal, establishes the Joint Committee on Recovery Accountability and Transparency, and requires the Office of Administration to provide legislators a key to the Capitol dome
HB 652 - Pratt - Defines the terms "certified mail" and "certified mail with return receipt requested" for the purposes of Missouri statutes where these terms are used
HB 698 - Zimmerman - Modifies signage requirements for certain donation receptacles
HB 844 - Aull - Allows members of the Missouri National Guard to be granted leave under certain circumstances
HB 863 - Dixon - Requires courts to accommodate child witnesses in certain judicial proceedings in several ways
HB 895 - Sander - Authorizes the Governor to convey all interest in an easement across state property located in Macon County to certain private property owners for obtaining access to their property
HB 909 - Brandom - Authorizes the Governor to convey various state properties
HB 918 - Kelly - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property known as the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center to the University of Missouri-Columbia
HJR 11 - McGhee - Proposes a constitutional amendment reaffirming a citizen's right to free expression of religion
HJR 15 - Chappelle-Nadal - Exempts real property used by certain former prisoners of war as a homestead from property tax
HJR 37 - Cunningham - Requires voting by secret ballot for elections and employee representation