Creates the Missouri Savings Account in the Constitution
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2/23/2009 - Voted Do Pass S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee
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Upon voter approval

Current Bill Summary

SJR 1 - This constitutional amendment, if approved by voters, would create the Missouri Savings Account. The account will be comprised of funds deposited annually at a rate of 2% of the general revenue appropriations for that year. If general revenue collections do not increase by 3% or more by the end of a fiscal year, the monies deposited in the fund that year shall lapse and be used for the next year's expenditures.

In any year in which there is a budget shortfall or when the consensus revenue estimate forecasts a decrease in revenue for the upcoming year, the General Assembly may utilize 1/3 of the monies in the fund for budgetary purposes. If the balance in the account reaches 1/3 of general revenue collections for any fiscal year, the excess shall lapse to general revenue.

This act is similar to SJR 6 (2005), SJR 3 (2007) and SJR 32 (2008).