Missouri State Senate


SB 43 - The act expands eligibility on the state's no-call list to include personal cell phone numbers. Current law prohibits certain types of telephone solicitations to persons on the no-call list. This act additionally prohibits these same types of solicitations via faxing, graphic imaging, or data communication (which includes text messaging).

The act also adds automated phone calls to the types of calls prohibited to individuals who sign up on the no-call list. Certain automated calls are exempt, which are calls:

• that a person has requested or given permission to receive;

• that are preceded by a live operator who obtains the receiver's consent and who discloses certain information about the call;

• from school districts to students, parents, or employees;

• relating to a recent or current business or personal relationship;

• from a telecommunications company or its directory publisher affiliates made solely to verify the delivery of products or services provided at no charge to the individual called;

• for the purpose of taking polls on public policy matters, political candidates, or issues to be put before the voters;

• from employers to employees advising them of work schedules; and

• from a public safety agency or other entity notifying a person of an emergency.

The act prohibits the use of automatic dialing announcing devices unless they are designed to disconnect within 10 seconds of the receiver hanging up.

The act repeals section 407.1104, which required the Attorney General to create an advisory group for outreach and education efforts for the no-call list.

This act is identical to HCS/HBs 112, 26, 37, 78, 79, & 154 (2007).