Missouri State Senate

Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 384 - This act requires the office of the land surveyor in the department of natural resources to promulgate rules and regulations establishing minimum standards for digital cadastral parcel mapping. Any map designed and used to reflect legal property descriptions or boundaries for use in a digital cadastral mapping system must comply with such rules, unless the party requesting the map specifies otherwise in writing, the map was designed and in use prior to the promulgation of the rules, or the parties requesting and designing the map already agreed to their contractual terms on the effective date of the rules promulgation.

The practice of land surveying shall include working with positions of the United States Public Land Survey System. It shall also include creating, preparing or modifying electronic or computerized data relative to the performance of certain other surveying activities; however, such acts shall not be exclusive to professional land surveyors unless they affect real property rights.

This act is identical to a provision of HCS/SB 386 (2009).