Proposes constitutional change to allow Department of Transportation to construct and maintain toll roads
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1/27/2009 - Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee
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Upon Voter Approval

Current Bill Summary

SJR 2 - This resolution authorizes the commission to conduct feasibility studies, fund, design, acquire, construct, maintain and operate toll facilities. The commission shall fix and collect tolls for the use of all toll facilities. The commission is authorized to issue state toll facility revenue bonds or refunding bonds authorized by the General Assembly without the consent of any other state agency or board. The commission is authorized to enter into contracts with other federal, state or local agencies to conduct its duties with respect to constructing toll facilities. Moneys obtained from toll facility revenue bonds, tolls and other fees shall be deposited in the state toll facility fund. Moneys in the fund shall stand appropriated without legislative action to be expended in the sole discretion of the commission. The commission is authorized to transfer moneys from the state road fund to the state facility fund to pay toll facility costs. Any such transfers from the state road fund shall be repaid in a time and manner determined by the commission. The commission is authorized to relocate or incorporate any public road or highway into a state toll facility project authorized by the General Assembly. Revenue generated from the toll roads shall not be included as a part of total state revenue, nor shall revenue expenditures be considered an "expense of state government" for the purposes of the Hancock Amendment.

This resolution is similar to SJR 31 (2008), SJR 1 (2007), SJR 24 (2006), SJR 11 (2005) and SJR 38 (2004)