SB 30
Requires certain motorists who have had their driver's licenses revoked two or more times to display restricted license plates
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2/11/2009 - Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
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August 28, 2009

Current Bill Summary

SB 30 - Under this act, any person whose driver's license has been revoked or disqualified for a period for a period of one year or greater shall immediately surrender his or her current license plates to the director of the Department of Revenue for destruction. The person shall be issued a set of restricted license plates that shall bear a special series of numbers or letters so as to be readily identified by the highway patrol and other law enforcement officers. The restricted license plates shall be displayed on the motor vehicle or motor vehicles registered solely or jointly in the person's name for the period of the revocation, denial, or disqualification. The letters and numbers on the restricted license plates shall be codes or configured in a manner so as to be readily identified by law enforcement.

Under the act, law enforcement officers may stop vehicles bearing the restricted license plates to determine whether the driver of such vehicle has a valid driver's license. Under the act, a registered owner of a motor vehicle who has been issued restricted license plates may not sell the motor vehicle during the period the vehicle is required to display the plates unless the registered owner applies to the Department of Revenue for permission to transfer title to the motor vehicle. If the director is satisfied that the proposed sale is in good faith and for a valid consideration, and that the sale or transfer is not for the purpose of circumventing the provisions of the act, the director may certify its consent to the owner of motor vehicle. Any vehicle acquired by the applicant during the period of restriction shall display the restricted license plates (Section 302.305).

This act is similar to SB 580 (2007).