Missouri State Senate
Biography for Senator Days

Rita Heard Days was born in Minden, Louisiana on October 16, 1950. She graduated from Webster High School in 1968 and received a music degree from Lincoln University in 1972.

Rita was elected State Representative for the 71st District, St. Louis County in Special Election, November 1993. Elected Majority Whip, 1996 and held the position for the remainder of her time in the House of Representatives. As she served in this capacity, Rita sponsored or co-sponsored legislation on the following subjects: osteoporosis, 1995; elections, 1996; early childhood education, 1997; enabling municipalities to bond for sewer improvement, 1997; presidential primary elections, 1998; education reform, 1998; enabling legislation for water bonds, 1998; Special School District Proposition S, placed in statute, 1998; sewer and water laterals, 1998.

Some of her legislative accomplishments include: Commission on the Future of Higher Education; Joint Commission for Court Automation; Southern Legislative Conference Education Committee; Reappointment Task Force Committee on the Assembly on State Issues of the National Conference of State Legislatures; Elections Task Force, Council of State Government.

Rita is the proud mother of three wonderful children: Elliott, Natalie, and Evelyn.

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