Bills assigned to Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence


SB 714 - Loudon - Modifies various provisions relating to sexual offenses
SB 727 - Shields - Criminalizes residential mortgage fraud
SB 733 - Champion - Requires crime laboratories providing reports or testimony to a state court to be accredited by 2012
SB 734 - Champion - Adds a circuit judge to the thirty-first judicial circuit
SB 736 - Bartle - Requires school districts to adopt policies for the testing of student athletes for the unlawful use of a controlled substance, including but not limited to anabolic steroids
SB 737 - Bartle - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB 745 - Days - Authorizes a court to appoint a standby guardian for a minor or an incapacitated adult
SB 747 - Ridgeway - Modifies various provisions relating to abuse of alcohol
SB 754 - Mayer - Modifies provisions relating to the DNA profiling system
SB 758 - Engler - Prohibits certain sex offenders from being present in a state park without permission of the superintendent
SB 763 - Wilson - Criminalizes displaying a noose for the purpose of intimidation
SB 766 - Goodman - Criminalizes prenatal drug or alcohol use
SB 767 - Goodman - Modifies provisions relating to the public defender system and the number of judges in various circuits
SB 769 - Rupp - Adds a circuit judge position within the 45th judicial circuit
SB 781 - Smith - Modifies various provisions relating to landlords, tenants, and real property
SB 784 - Coleman - Eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing for certain felons
SB 787 - Scott - Creates penalties for individuals who set fires in areas proclaimed to be in extraordinary danger from fire
SB 790 - Champion - Creates a "Crime Laboratory Review Commission" to independently review the operations of crime laboratories in the state of Missouri that receive state-administered funding
SB 791 - Champion - Defines the process to be followed for a crime laboratory report to be received into evidence at any trial for criminal prosecution
SB 792 - Champion - Provides immunity from liability for certain healthcare professionals assisting law enforcement or governmental agencies in certain planned activities
SB 794 - Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to the DNA profiling system
SB 795 - Bartle - Modifies the time when a search may be conducted pursuant to a warrant
SB 800 - Days - Creates a commission to study the death penalty in Missouri and prohibits use of the death penalty for a time period
SB 802 - Ridgeway - Makes it a class D felony to steal energized or live wire, electrical transformer, or any other device conducting electricity
SB 803 - Crowell - Precludes actions for wrongful death when the deceased adjudicated or settled claims during his or her lifetime
SB 812 - Wilson - Expands the crime of unlawful use of weapons to include discharging a firearm for celebrating in an urban area
SB 813 - Wilson - Prohibits the ownership, possession, or discharge of a taser or stun gun
SB 818 - Rupp - Modifies various provisions relating to stalking and harassment
SB 819 - Rupp - Modifies various provisions relating to dog fighting
SB 824 - Justus - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 834 - Bartle - Creates penalties for owners of dogs that injure people or property and creates an absolute defense against civil liability or prosecution for killing a dog in certain circumstances
SB 835 - Bray - Eliminates the death penalty
SB 836 - Bray - Creates the crime of negligent storage of a firearm
SB 849 - Shoemyer - Gives the Office of the Child Advocate authority to file findings or reports to the juvenile court
SB 851 - Justus - Prohibits a person convicted of a dangerous felony from possessing a concealable firearm regardless of when the person was confined
SB 861 - Shoemyer - Modifies provisions relating to alcohol-related offenses
SB 878 - Graham - Provides that certain persons may not be required to disclose news sources or information
SB 887 - Dempsey - Prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone under certain circumstances
SB 889 - Green - Provides for mandatory minimum punishment for securities fraud crimes against the elderly or disabled
SB 899 - Dempsey - Allows members of the public and certain electronic and computer businesses to access online identifying information of registered sex offenders in order to use the information to protect children from online sexual predators
SB 912 - Engler - Creates the crime of murder of a criminal justice official and expands the crime of assault of a law enforcement officer, emergency personnel, or probation or parole officer to include corrections personnel
SB 921 - Goodman - Adds coverage under the state legal expense fund for certain heath care professionals providing uncompensated service at summer camps
SB 922 - Goodman - Modifies the crime of making a false declaration
SB 932 - Loudon - Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement
SB 933 - Loudon - Makes modifications to the crimes of sexual misconduct involving a child and furnishing pornographic material to a minor
SB 940 - McKenna - Modifies laws affecting limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and nonprofit companies
SB 948 - Justus - Clarifies the duty of pharmacies to fill prescriptions
SB 959 - Goodman - Requires court personnel to redact Social Security numbers from certain court records prior to disclosure to the public
SB 960 - Goodman - Adds a circuit judge to the thirty-ninth judicial circuit
SB 968 - Shields - Provides that nonpartisan commissions that select judges for gubernatorial appointment shall be subject to the Missouri Sunshine Act and shall not close meetings, records or votes relating to personnel matters
SB 975 - Ridgeway - Requires alcohol monitoring for persons with repeat alcohol-related offenses in certain circumstances instead of serving a more lengthy mandatory minimum sentence
SB 976 - Ridgeway - Modifies a variety of laws on a variety of topics, including but not limited to laws regarding business organizations, real property, compensation for sheriffs, disposition of dead human bodies, drug monitoring, juvenile law, workers' compensation, banks, and courts
SB 982 - Purgason - Modifies laws relating to dogs
SB 985 - Shoemyer - Modifies the crime of making a false declaration
SB 998 - Crowell - Prohibits convicted felons whose civil rights have been restored from participating in jury service
SB 1002 - Justus - Modifies the penalties for certain zoning violations
SB 1016 - Mayer - Provides that a portion of the tort victims' compensation fund shall be transferred to the basic civil legal services fund
SB 1019 - Bray - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 1022 - Coleman - Makes statutory penalties and attorney fees associated with a vexatious refusal to pay claim mandatory rather than discretionary
SB 1024 - Scott - Modifies provisions relating to liability for tort claims against the state, state entities, and state employees
SB 1025 - Scott - Modifies laws regarding the right to control the final disposition of a dead human body
SB 1031 - Koster - Increases the penalty for parental kidnapping when the child is taken for certain periods of time
SB 1032 - Dempsey - Modifies provisions relating to dangerous animal registration
SB 1034 - Mayer - Modifies record-keeping requirements for purchasers of scrap metal and creates penalties for unlawful purchases of certain scrap metals
SB 1050 - Crowell - Establishes the Asbestos and Silica Claims Priorities Act
SB 1053 - Dempsey - Imposes additional penalties for intoxication-related traffic offenses
SB 1054 - Dempsey - Modifies provisions relating to juvenile courts and juvenile court jurisdiction
SB 1058 - Mayer - Enacts provisions regarding the coercion of abortions
SB 1062 - Barnitz - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB 1065 - Bartle - Restricts operation of certain sized vessels near docks and other structure and modifies the duties of boat dock owners toward the public
SB 1074 - Dempsey - Modifies liens for certain design professionals
SB 1075 - Engler - Limits liability of watercraft outfitters for injury or death resulting from the inherent risks of watercraft activities
SB 1076 - Engler - Provides for immunity from civil and criminal liability on the basis of noise for owners and users of hunting preserves and firearm ranges
SB 1095 - Loudon - Creates the crime of aggravated child kidnapping
SB 1097 - Graham - Modifies the powers of jailers
SB 1104 - Kennedy - Grants immunity to law enforcement agencies for damages caused by criminals involved in vehicle pursuits
SB 1123 - Loudon - Establishes the Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act of 2008 which limits the recovery for non-economic damages by uninsured motorists
SB 1124 - Loudon - Establishes procedure for insurers intervening in civil actions to determine coverage issues
SB 1142 - Purgason - Adds a circuit judge to the twenty-sixth judicial circuit
SB 1143 - Mayer - Modifies the law regarding false or misleading television advertisements for legal services
SB 1159 - Gibbons - Modifies provisions relating to forensic examinations of sexual offense victims
SB 1163 - Rupp - Modifies the school bus endorsement criminal background check procedure
SB 1165 - Crowell - Provides that certain persons may not be required to disclose news sources or information
SB 1172 - Goodman - Modifies various provisions relating to weapons
SB 1174 - Goodman - Provides that covenants for transfer fees on real estate shall be unenforceable against subsequent owners
SB 1176 - Barnitz - Makes concealed carry endorsements valid for a period of six years rather than three years
SB 1184 - Bray - Modifies various provisions relating to domestic violence
SB 1185 - Gibbons - Modifies various provisions relating to prosecutors
SB 1194 - Goodman - Increases the punishment for forcibe rape or sodomy of a child under the age of twelve to be either death or life imprisonment without probation or parole
SB 1200 - Bray - Creates new regulations for the manufacturing and sale of ammunition
SB 1208 - Goodman - Repeals the current procedures regarding criminal activity forfeiture actions and establishes new procedures
SB 1210 - Callahan - Adds professional corporations of eligible physicians to coverage under the state legal expense fund
SB 1211 - Callahan - Limits the sale of non-compliant cigarettes
SB 1215 - Bray - Enacts the Prevention First Act
SB 1218 - Barnitz - Lowers the average total inmate population required to allow a circuit court to appoint an extra circuit court marshal
SB 1219 - Lager - Allows criminal prosecution of mother for harm to unborn child due to intentional and unlawful use of controlled substances
SB 1224 - Mayer - Modifies the deadline for the expiration of fictitious names
SB 1227 - Mayer - Modifies various provisions relating to confidential law enforcement information
SB 1235 - Justus - Modifies provisions related to a trustee's powers under the Missouri Uniform Trust Code
SB 1237 - Goodman - Provides that the filing of criminal charges are not a prerequisite for release on bail
SB 1238 - Goodman - Expands the crime of resisting arrest, stop, or detention
SB 1243 - Barnitz - Expands the crime of resisting arrest, stop, or detention to include resisting an arrest, stop, or detention for any warrant issued by a court or probation and parole officer
SB 1246 - Justus - Modifies the definition of "family or household member" and "domestic violence" in certain provisions
SB 1249 - Wilson - Authorizes the court to appoint a parenting coordinator to assist with parental disputes regarding child custody or support
SB 1257 - Goodman - Creates new criminal penalties for killing or assaulting a highway worker
SB 1286 - Scott - Modifies the law regarding duties of business owners or operators to guard against criminal acts
SB 1287 - Scott - Requires the juvenile court to have concurrent jurisdiction with the probate court over guardianship actions for children who under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court
SJR 30 - Coleman - Creates an exception to the prohibition against laws retrospective in operation by allowing the sexual offender registry laws to be applied retrospectively
SJR 34 - Crowell - Creates an exception to the prohibition against laws retrospective in operation by allowing the sexual offender registry laws to be applied retrospectively
SJR 41 - Rupp - Prohibits state courts from levying or imposing new or increased taxes, licenses, or fees without legislative or voter approval
HB 1348 - Portwood - Repeals the requirements that the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners establish the Bertillon system of identification of criminals and employ assistance to conduct and manage the department
HB 1358 - Flook - Enacts the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
HB 1384 - Cox - Modifies certain provisions relating to protection of consumers against fraudulent practices
HB 1423 - St. Onge - Toughens ignition interlock device law for certain repeat offenders and allows prior pleas and other dispositions to be used to enhance the punishment of intoxication-related traffic offenders
HB 1469 - Pratt - Modifies the law regarding certain environmental appeals transferred to the Administrative Hearing Commission
HB 1550 - Stevenson - Modifies provisions relating to courts
HB 1570 - Franz - Adds services of guardian ad litems to the priority list of services for which moneys in the family services and justice fund shall be spent
HB 1611 - Dixon - Establishes a children's bill of courtroom rights
HB 1640 - Schoeller - Provides for exceptions to the requirement for issuing a new birth certificate following adoption
HB 1649 - Franz - Requires registered sex offenders to obtain driver's licenses with unique codes and limits license to a one-year period
HB 1716 - Guest - Modifies law regarding proving lawful presence for driver's license purposes and prohibits the collection and dissemination of driver's license and motor vehicle information in order to comply with the REAL ID Act
HB 1756 - Walton - Modifies the provisions relating to the counterfeiting of goods
HB 1831 - Onder - Enacts provisions regarding the coercion of abortions
HB 1849 - Pratt - Modifies the penalties for certain zoning violations
HB 1923 - Jones - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
HB 1983 - Pratt - Authorizes the conversion of certain business organizations
HB 2157 - Grill - Allows an individual who has learned or reasonably suspects that he or she has been the victim of identity theft to file a police report with the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over his or her residence