SB 1288
Modifies lobbyist reporting requirements
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5/16/2008 - Requests to Recede or Grant Conference Calendar--SB 1288-Shields, with HCS, as amended (Senate requests House recede or grant conference)
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HCS SB 1288
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Emergency Clause
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 1288 - This act bars executive branch employees from accepting gifts from lobbyists. Employees who unknowingly accept gifts may return the gift, pay market value for the gift, or donate the gift to charity.

Currently, lobbyists must report expenditures on occasions when members of a standing committee of either the house of representatives or the senate are invited in writing. This act extends this requirement to expenditures for occasions where members of any committee of the house or senate are invited.

Currently, lobbyists or their agents are required to provide a general description of the proposed legislation or action by the executive or judicial branch which they supported or opposed, to the Ethics Commission. This act removes that provision.

Committees that cannot return nonallowable contributions because the contributor cannot be located, returns the contribution, or is a committee which is terminated, may deposit the contribution in the general revenue or donate the contribution to charity.

This act contains an emergency clause.