SB 1233
Designates qualified hospitals as specified myocardial infarction or stroke centers
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3/11/2008 - Hearing Conducted S Health and Mental Health Committee
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August 28, 2008

Current Bill Summary

SB 1233 - Current law provides for the Department of Health and Senior Services to designate hospitals as adult, pediatric, or adult and pediatric trauma centers upon proper application and review. This act requires the department to also designate a hospital as a STEMI or stroke center when the hospital, upon proper application and review, has been found by the department to meet the applicable level of STEMI or stroke center criteria. Such criteria shall be promulgated by the department. No hospital shall hold itself out to the public as such a center unless it is so designated by the department. STEMI, or a ST-elevation myocardial infarction, is defined as a type of heart attack in which impaired blood flow to the patient's heart muscle is evidenced by ST-segment elevation in electrocardiogram analysis and as further defined by the department.

Patients who suffer a STEMI shall be transported by emergency medical services to a STEMI center. Patients who suffer a stroke shall be transported by emergency medical services to a stroke center. When initial transport from the scene of the SEMI or stroke would be prolonged, the patient may be transported to the nearest appropriate facility for stabilization prior to transport to a STEMI or stroke center.

This act is substantially similar to SS/HCS/HB 1790 (2008).