SB 936 Allow motorists to operate vehicles without current registrations for the purpose of resetting emissions readiness monitors in order to pass emissions inspection retests
1/14/2008 S First Read--SB 936-Griesheimer S80
1/16/2008 Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S105
1/23/2008 Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
1/30/2008 Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee
2/20/2008 Committee Vote Reconsidered
2/20/2008 Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee-Consent
2/21/2008 Reported from S Transportation Committee to Floor - Consent S342
2/28/2008 S Third Read and Passed - Consent S408
2/29/2008 H First Read H375
3/3/2008 H Second Read H382
3/26/2008 Referred H Transportation Committee H570
4/1/2008 Hearing Scheduled H Transportation Committee--Bill NOT Heard
4/8/2008 Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
4/8/2008 Voted Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent
4/10/2008 Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent H890
4/10/2008 Referred to Rules Committee pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) H890
4/14/2008 Rules - Hearing Conducted
4/14/2008 Rules - Voted Do Pass - Consent
4/14/2008 Rules - Reported Do Pass - Consent H913
5/14/2008 H Third Read and Passed - Consent H1660-1662 / S1434
5/14/2008 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed H1660-1662 / S1434
5/29/2008 Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1738
5/29/2008 Signed by Senate President S1739
5/29/2008 Signed by House Speaker H2050
5/29/2008 Delivered to Governor S1739
7/10/2008 Signed by Governor