SB 753 Designates certain stretches of highway after law enforcement or military personnel
12/1/2007 Prefiled
1/9/2008 S First Read--SB 753-Mayer S9
1/10/2008 Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S73
1/16/2008 Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
2/20/2008 SCS Voted Do Pass w/SCS/SBs 753, 728, 906, & 1026 S Transportation Committee-Consent (3323S.06C)
2/21/2008 Reported from S Transportation Committee to Floor w/SCS - Consent S342
2/28/2008 SCS S adopted S407
2/28/2008 S Third Read and Passed - Consent S407-408
2/29/2008 H First Read H373
3/3/2008 H Second Read H382
3/26/2008 Referred H Transportation Committee H569
4/1/2008 Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
4/1/2008 HCS Voted Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent
4/1/2008 HCS Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent H650
4/1/2008 Referred to Rules Committee pursuant to Rule 25(21)(f) H650
4/3/2008 Rules - Hearing Conducted
4/3/2008 Rules - HCS Voted Do Pass as Consent
4/3/2008 Rules - HCS Reported Do Pass Consent H777
4/21/2008 Pursuant to Rule 45(d) - HCS adopted by consent
5/14/2008 H Third Read and Passed - Consent H1652-1653 / S1415
5/16/2008 S concurs in HCS S1707-1708
5/16/2008 S Third Read and Passed S1707-1708 / H2042
5/16/2008 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S1707-1708 / H2042
5/29/2008 Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1738
5/29/2008 Signed by Senate President S1739
5/29/2008 Signed by House Speaker H2050
5/29/2008 Delivered to Governor S1739
6/17/2008 Signed by Acting Governor (Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder)