Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Green

SB 174 - Modifies laws on mental health facilities and group homes for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled
SB 175 - Modifies the prevailing wage law
SB 176 - Modifies the Missouri tax increment financing law
SB 177 - Provides for mandatory minimum punishment for securities fraud crimes against the elderly or disabled
SB 178 - Bars employers from misclassifying employees as independent contractors
SB 179 - Requires any applicant for health care benefits under a public assistance program to identify his or her employer
SB 180 - Amends law relating to the hiring of unqualified employees on public projects
SB 181 - Creates the "Public Service Accountability Act"
SB 182 - Amends requirements for workers' compensation and benefit payments
SB 183 - Modifies various laws relating to ethics
SB 184 - Creates certain registration requirements for fire protection districts, departments, and volunteer associations
SB 185 - Establishes the "Drunk Driving Memorial Sign Program"
SB 186 - Creates an income tax deduction for small businesses and farmers that provide health insurance coverage for employees
SB 187 - Creates an income tax deduction for higher education expenses
SB 188 - Repeals the timely file discount for sales tax remittance
SB 189 - Requires the superintendent of each public school district to ensure that all students, prior to promotion from grade nine to grade ten, attend a tour of a proximate state correctional center
SB 190 - Prohibits commercial inserts or other forms of advertising from accompanying motor vehicle registration notices
SB 262 - Requires cable television companies to automatically issue prorated credits to subscribers for service disruption
SB 263 - Modifies out-of-state committee reporting requirements
SB 264 - Alters the process for annexing property to a street light maintenance district
SB 265 - Prohibits imposition of penalties and interest on certain property tax payments
SB 357 - Creates the "Marie Van Dillen Act" relating to emergency services
SB 423 - Requires the Public Service Commission to develop and enforce certain standards for electric utility service
SB 424 - Bars employers from misclassifying employees as independent contractors
SB 507 - Allows consumers to request that a security freeze be placed on the issuance of their credit reports by credit reporting agencies
SB 508 - Prohibits the Missouri Gaming Commission or employees thereof from operating or being employed by excursion gambling boats located in this state
SB 522 - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to recalculate the state school aid for the Riverview Gardens School District to correct an error
SB 573 - Provides that at least 5 percent of the total investments of Missouri State Employees' Retirement System, Public School Retirement System and Public Education Employee Retirement System shall be invested in Missouri-based companies
SB 574 - Modifies the continuing educational training requirements for 911 telecommunicators
SJR 15 - Increases term limits for members of the General Assembly from 8 years to 12 years in each house