Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Griesheimer

SB 20 - Modifies the laws relating to tax increment financing
SB 21 - Allows for the formation of and conversion to reorganized common sewer districts
SB 22 - Modifies laws relating to political subdivisions
SB 81 - Allows the city of Sullivan and the portion of the Sullivan C-2 School District located in Franklin County to levy a transient guest tax
SB 82 - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of motor vehicles
SB 83 - Establishes a county municipal court in Franklin County and alters the foundation formula to compensate Franklin County School Districts for any loss of revenue from the establishment of the new municipal court
SB 116 - Alters the benefits afforded retired teachers who are 70 years old and older
SB 117 - Exempts ski area operators from liability for inherent risks related to skiing
SB 118 - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 166 - Modifies various provisions relating to tourism
SB 193 - Creates the "Missouri County Planning Act"
SB 209 - Modifies provisions of the Municipal Telecommunications Business License Tax Simplification Act
SB 279 - Reinstates federal standards for overtime wages for firefighters, police and EMTs
SB 280 - Establishes enforcement standards for red light violations detected by automated photo red light enforcement systems
SB 281 - Establishes inactive license status and continuing education requirements for landscape architects
SB 282 - Modifies provisions of certain Department of Economic Development Programs
SB 283 - Modifies provisions of the Enhanced Enterprise Zone Tax Benefit Program
SB 284 - Authorizes statewide video service franchise agreements
SB 334 - Modifies the provisions relating to brand extensions for beer products
SB 335 - Revises various laws regarding the registration, licensure and sale of motor vehicles
SB 376 - Modifies provisions relating to the financial impact of tourism
SB 412 - Allows liquor samples for tastings at retailed licensed premises
SB 547 - Creates an exception to the intermediate driver's license passenger restriction for students
SB 584 - Modifies the licensing requirements for social workers
SB 644 - Establishes new requirements for direct wine sales
SB 687 - Modifies provisions of corporate franchise, income, and sales and use tax regarding nexus for tax purposes
HB 165 - Enacts the 2007 Municipal Telecommunications Business License Tax Simplification Act
HB 205 - Modifies various provisions relating to the promotion of tourism
HB 327 - Modifies provisions of certain Department of Economic Development programs
HB 457 - Modifies provisions of law providing property tax relief for senior citizens and disabled persons
HB 459 - Requires land transfers between municipalities to be filed with the county assessor
HB 619 - Specifies situations in which the Civil Air Patrol may be activated, which missions are considered federal or state, and who shall pay for such missions