Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Clemens

SB 314 - Licenses clinical laboratory science personnel
SB 315 - Modifies provisions pertaining to cleanup of hazardous waste spills, liability for crop damage, and the voluntary permitting of certain agricultural operations
SB 316 - Exempts owners of anhydrous ammonia from certain cleanup costs when caused by illegal tampering
SB 317 - Requires individuals to pay restitution to the state for illegally obtained antlered deer intended to be sold
SB 318 - Authorizes an income tax credit for employer-provided tuition reimbursement programs
SB 319 - Modifies the income tax exemption for certain annuity, pension, and retirement incomes
SB 320 - Creates the "Large Animal Veterinary Student Loan Program" and modifies the Large Animal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
SB 349 - Expands the area in which local log trucks and local log truck tractors can operate
SB 350 - Modifies the definition of "motor vehicle" contained in the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act to include certain types of engines, transmissions, and rear axles
SB 351 - Requires small game hunters to wear certain orange safety clothing during firearms deer season
SB 352 - Adds vehicles driven by conservation agents to the list of vehicles considered "emergency vehicles"
SB 411 - Prohibits certain restrictions in motor fuel franchise contracts for certain alternative motor fuels
SB 431 - Bars sex offenders from winning the lottery
SB 471 - Directs the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority to pay certain interest on applicable linked deposit loans
SB 472 - Creates a tax credit for qualifying sales of beef animals
SB 473 - Modifies the definition of livestock for which it is a crime to steal and modifies the penalties for such offenders
SB 488 - Changes the names of a division, an advisory commission, and several funds within the Department of Agriculture
SB 489 - Modifies the maximum amount of certain agricultural tax credits that may be issued each fiscal year
SB 503 - Modifies reporting and eligibility requirements for certain agricultural tax credits
SB 513 - Allows nurses working in any area of need to qualify for the Professional and Practical Nursing Student Loan Program
SB 570 - Creates the Joint Committee on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
SB 643 - Creates a tax credit for implementation of odor abatement best management practices for certain livestock operations
SJR 14 - Creates a two year budget cycle
SJR 21 - Lowers the number of representatives from 163 to 101 and length and number of terms for representatives and senators
HB 344 - Modifies liability for crop damage or destruction
HB 346 - Directs the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority to pay certain loan interest, administer dairy business grants, and increase the amount of certain agricultural tax credits issued
HB 576 - Designates the bobwhite quail as the official state game bird of the State of Missouri
HB 647 - Authorizes the use of leashed dogs for deer tracking while deer hunting
HB 680 - Designates Big Bluestem as the official state grass