SB 64 Authorizes school districts to set school opening date up to a certain date prior to Labor Day and provides for exemption to make-up days requirement based on inclement weather
Sponsor: Goodman Co-Sponsor(s)
LR Number: 0543S.12T Fiscal Note: 0543-06
Committee: Education
Last Action: 6/18/2007 - Signed by Lt. Governor as Acting Governor Journal Page:
Title: CCS#3 HCS SCS SB 64 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2007
House Handler: Wallace

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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 64 - This act modifies provisions regarding elementary and secondary education.

MINIMUM SCHOOL HOURS AND DAY - Section 160.041 - The Commissioner of Education is authorized to reduce the required number of hours and days if inclement weather, such as ice, snow, extreme cold, flooding, or a tornado, prevents students from attending the public school facility.

MENTORING FOR NEW TEACHERS AND PRINCIPALS - Section 161.375 - This act requires the department of elementary and secondary education to develop standards for high-quality mentoring for beginning teachers and principals no later than June 30, 2008. Such standards shall be based on principles set forth in the act, including the establishment of a teacher-driven mentoring program in every school district. The act provides examples of quality mentoring programs. The department shall seek input from representatives who are teachers, administrators and other individuals.

This provision is similar to SCS/SB 480 (2007) and SCS/HCS/HB 620 (2007).

VIRTUAL SCHOOL ATTENDANCE - 167.121 - For the school year beginning July 1, 2008, a parent residing in a lapsed, or poor performing school district may enroll their child in the Missouri virtual school if the child first enrolls in the school district of residence. The school district shall include the child's enrollment in the virtual school in determining the district's average daily attendance. The board of the home district shall pay to the virtual school the amount required under current law to be paid for other students enrolled in the virtual school. Nothing in this section shall require any school district or the state to provide computers or other materials necessary for the child to attend the virtual school.

This provision is similar to a provision in SS/HB 265 (2007).

SCHOOL OPENING DAY - Section 171.031 - This act authorizes each school district to set its opening date each year, provided that the date cannot be earlier than ten days prior to Labor Day.

A district may set an opening date that is more than ten calendar days prior to Labor Day provided that: the local board gives public notice of a public meeting to discuss the proposal of starting school on an earlier date, a public meeting is held, and a majority of the board votes to allow an earlier opening date at the public meeting. If the previous conditions are met, the district may set their opening date more than ten calendar days prior to Labor Day.

If any local district violates the provisions of this act, the department of elementary and secondary education shall withhold an amount equal to one quarter of the state funding the district generated for each date the district was in violation of this act.

The act does not apply to school districts in which school is in session for twelve months of each calendar year. The state board of education may grant an exemption from the act for districts that demonstrate highly extenuating circumstances which justify exemption.

This provision is similar to SB 1114 (2006).

MAKE-UP DAYS - Sections 171.031 and 171.033 - The annual calendar for the school term, as prepared by the school board, is required to include six make-up days for possible loss of attendance due to inclement weather. A district shall be required to make up the first six days of school lost or canceled due to inclement weather and half the number of days lost or canceled in excess of six days.

This provision is similar to HB 839 (2007).