Missouri State Senate


SB 83 - This act establishes a county municipal court in Franklin County.

SECTION 163.011(10)(b): When calculating the local effort component of a district's state aid calculation, the formula utilizes information from fiscal year 2005. In subsequent years, this figure is adjusted to include any increase in the amount received for school purposes from fines.

This act adds a provision that would adjust the local effort figure to include any decrease in the amount received for school purposes from fines in any school district located entirely in Franklin county, provided that the county creates a county municipal court after January 1, 2006.

SECTION 163.031.2.(1)(e): Further, the act grants hold harmless districts that are located at least partially in any county that has created or creates a county municipal court after June 30, 2004 an additional payment equal to the decrease, if any, in the amount of revenue the district receives from fines in the current year from the revenue the district received from fines in fiscal year 2005.

These section are similar to SB 970 (2006) and to a provision contained in the truly-agreed-to-and-finally-passed SB 894 (2006).

SECTION 479.275: This section allows Franklin County to establish a county municipal court to prosecute and punish violations of county ordinances. The county may also prosecute and punish municipal ordinance violations pursuant to a contract with any municipality within the county. The judges for such court shall be appointed by the county commission with the number of judges established by county ordinance. The organization and session schedule of the court shall also be established by ordinance.

This act is similar to HB 193 (2007).