Missouri State Senate


SB 601 - This act requires the Department of Natural Resources to affix a red violation tag to any underground storage tank that it determines to be ineligible to receive petroleum and the Department must notify the owner or operator of the tank of its action. No person shall deposit petroleum in any tank with a red violation tag and removal of the tag is prohibited.

An underground storage tank is ineligible to receive petroleum if certain spill prevention, overfill protection, leak detection, or corrosion prevention equipment have not been installed.

The Department may waive the tank's ineligibility to receive petroleum in certain circumstances.

Upon the receipt of documentation from the tank owner or operator that satisfactorily indicates resolution of the problem, the Department shall issue written permission to remove the violation tag. If the Department determines than an inspection is needed before issuing permission to remove the tag, the inspection shall be conducted as soon as practical after having received notice from the tank owner or operator.