Missouri State Senate


SB 200 - This act authorizes the State Highways and Transportation Commission to take the necessary steps to implement and administer a state plan to conform with the Unified Carrier Registration Act (UCR Act)of 2005. The UCR Act includes provisions to eliminate the Single State Registration System (SSRS) by January 2007 and replace it with the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Agreement.

Under the act, the Commission may submit to the proper federal authorities, amend and carry out a state plan to qualify as a base-state and to participate in the UCR plan and administer the UCR Agreement. The Commission is authorized to administer the UCR registration of Missouri domiciled motor carriers, motor private carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies, and persons domiciled in non-participating states who have designated Missouri as their base-state under the UCR Act. The Commission is further authorized to receive, collect, process, deposit, transfer, distribute, and refund UCR registration fees. The Commission is also authorized to enter into agreements with any U.S. agencies.

Under the act, every motor carrier, motor private carrier, broker, freight forwarder, and leasing company that has its principal place of business within Missouri, and every such person who has designated this state as the person's base-state under the provisions of the UCR Act, shall timely complete and file with the Commission all the forms required by the UCR agreement and the UCR implementing regulations, and shall pay the required UCR registration fees to the Commission.

The act specifically provides that implementing the UCR Act shall not be construed as exempting any motor carrier or any person controlled by a motor carrier, from any of the requirements of Chapter 622 or Chapter 390.

The act also repeals Section 390.071 (pertaining to the issuance of interstate motor carrier permits) and Section 622.095 (relating to the single state registration system).