Missouri State Senate


SB 6 - Beginning with the 2009 fiscal year and in each subsequent fiscal year, the general assembly shall appropriate 9 million dollars to the safe schools fund, as established in this act. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall annually distribute the monies in the fund to each school district in proportion to their average daily attendance.

Districts may employ the safe schools moneys for a variety of safety-related expenses, as delineated in the act. Each district shall annually notify DESE of the manner in which the safe schools funds were utilized. Should the department determine that the district utilized such funds in a manner inconsistent with the act, the department may withhold all or any future payments to such district.

Each school district shall institute a lock-down procedure to be implemented in case a potentially dangerous or armed intruder enters the school and shall conduct a drill at least once a school year in order to prepare for such a scenario. The department shall establish guidelines to assist districts in implementing such procedures.