SB 121
Requires the utilization of fiber optic networks by certain public governmental bodies
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1/17/2007 - Second Read and Referred S Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee
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August 28, 2007

Current Bill Summary

SB 121 - The act requires every state public governmental body to begin a migration strategy to the fiber optic network currently owned by the department of transportation for all telecommunications, video and data services by January 1, 2010. A governmental body may use a fiber optic network owned or operated by private companies so long as that exchange has been approved by the office of administration prior to access. The act requires the office of administration to promulgate rules governing the process by which all public governmental bodies make this migration.

After January 1, 2011, the Office of Administration shall promulgate rules governing the process by which all public governmental bodies begin integrating their data, voice and video services into a single core convergence network. The process shall occur in three phases, beginning with a pilot program and concluding with the core convergence network in all public governmental bodies. Every public governmental body shall submit a proposal to the office of administration no later than June 1, 2010, detailing their plans to meet the convergence implementation. If such body does not submit a plan, then the office of administration shall institute a plan for such body.

The Office of Administration shall submit a report to the governor and general assembly every two years beginning January 1, 2011, detailing the integration of all information systems and the progress towards the convergence implementation.

This act is similar to SB 1115 (2006).