Missouri State Senate
Senate Interim Committee on the Cost of a College Education

Established pursuant to the Missouri Constitution.

The committee shall consist of five members, three Republicans and two Democrats, and will be responsible for reviewing the affordability of a college education in this state. The duties of the committee shall be:

1) To consider the role of the state in funding a college education for Missouri students.
2) To examine how higher education is funded in this state and consider alternative funding structures.
3) To examine the mechanism by which tuition rates are set at Missouri institutions of higher learning.
4) To study the utilization of college savings plans by Missouri families.
5) To examine the Gallagher and Guarantee public grant programs and study options for making the state-need-based scholarship programs more efficient and effective.
6) To study student indebtedness resulting from funding a college education.

The committee shall be staffed by counsel from Senate Research and may hold public hearings at locations to be determined by the chairman. Reasonable, actual and necessary expenses of the committee shall be reimbursed by the Missouri Senate.

The committee shall issue a report and make recommendations, as deemed appropriate by a majority of the members of the committee, to the general assembly for legislative action no later than January 26, 2007.

  • Report of the Committee

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