Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Engler

SB 611 - Modifies the laws relating to eminent domain and condemnation proceedings
SB 612 - Authorizes the conveyance of property owned by the state in St. Francois County to the Farmington American Legion Post 416
SB 613 - Allows residential and business cell phone users to voluntarily sign up with the no-call list
SB 665 - Increases the penalties for poaching
SB 666 - Modifies provisions regarding fire protection
SB 667 - Designates several portions of highways within Missouri after Missouri highway patrolmen
SB 704 - Designates two bridges within Van Buren after Sgt. Dewayne Graham Jr. of the Missouri State Highway Patrol
SB 705 - Authorizes minimum amounts of compensation for certain Corrections personnel
SB 749 - Modifies minimum experience requirements for interior designer registration
SB 758 - Prohibits certain trucks from being driven in the far left-hand lane on interstate highways, freeways or expressways in this state
SB 759 - Requires motor vehicle buyers to submit proof of insurance to dealers before obtaining temporary license plates
SB 760 - Allows a law enforcement agency to dispose of hazardous materials that have been seized as evidence once they have documented the materials
SB 764 - Allows law enforcement to publish sex offender information in the newspaper during National Crime Victims' Week
SB 779 - Modifies requirements for labor posters
SB 782 - Allows persons committed under the repealed "sexual psychopath" statutes to be guilty of escaping from commitment
SB 783 - Allows sexual predators to be housed with others awaiting court determination as to whether they are predators
SB 793 - Provides that public administrators will not be financially responsible for debts of wards or protectees
SB 799 - Reduces certain billboard fees for billboards under 150 square feet
SB 835 - Establishes the requirements for a written drug prescription
SB 836 - Modifies continuing child support obligation for children over eighteen years of age
SB 862 - Allows the use of "environmental covenants"
SB 863 - Modifies the definition of "volunteer fire protection association"
SB 864 - Modifies unemployment compensation for teachers
SB 881 - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property to St. Francois County
SB 882 - Regulates various blasting and excavation activities
SB 883 - Revises the filing fees paid by certain insurance organizations for filing documents with the Department of Insurance
SB 895 - Synchronizes the penalties, administrative orders, civil actions and other remedies available to the Director of the Department of Insurance throughout the insurance code; modifies law with respect to certain types of service contracts; and revises filing fees
SB 905 - Requires medical malpractice insurers to file information with the Department of Insurance, and give notice prior to refusing to renew a policy of medical malpractice insurance
SB 906 - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 907 - Allows the Secretary of State to regulate the sale of variable annuities
SB 934 - Creates a grace period for cosmetology and barber shop licensure when the establishment changes ownership or location
SB 935 - Creates a grace period for barber shop licensure and removes requirements for barbers
SB 953 - Substantially revises the title insurance code and modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle extended service contracts
SB 957 - Authorizes the Circuit Court in the 24th Judicial Circuit to appoint a drug court commissioner and administrator
SB 1069 - Authorizes certain public entities to enter into agreements to modify payment terms for bonds based on changes in the purchase price of commodities
SB 1088 - Alters provisions regarding teacher termination hearings
SB 1095 - Requires the POST Commission to offer peace officer training on the investigation of computer and Internet crimes
SB 1108 - Modifies provisions on personal care assistance services
SB 1185 - Reorganizes duties within state agencies
SB 1186 - Creates a tax credit for qualified equity investments
SB 1235 - Repeals the provision prohibiting Jefferson County fire protection districts from implementing residential construction regulatory systems
SB 1236 - Modifies laws pertaining to dam and reservoir safety
SJR 28 - Prohibits the use of eminent domain for the purpose of economic development
SJR 29 - Eliminates the provisions allowing for the use of eminent domain to end blight
HB 977 - Allows fourth-class cities to establish by ordinance a citywide vote for the election of aldermen
HB 1244 - Modifies minimum experience requirements for interior designer registration
HB 1366 - Modifies the definition of "volunteer fire protection association"
HB 1551 - Creates a grace period for barber shop and cosmetology licensure when the establishment changes ownership or location
HB 1632 - Addresses various areas of telephone communication