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Bills Sponsored by Senator Scott

SB 575 Modifies provisions on donation of unused prescription drugs
SB 576 Authorizes advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe certain controlled substances
SB 577 Limits the number of excursion gambling boat licenses that may be issued
SB 641 Requires all contributions to the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program be held for twelve months
SB 642 Creates a graduated increase in payments to sheltered workshops
SB 643 Establishes the "State Fair Escrow Fund"
SB 687 Provides for each child enrolled in kindergarten or first grade to receive a comprehensive vision examination
SB 688 Exempts purple heart license plate recipients from paying the $15 specialty license plate fee
SB 689 Modifies lobbyist reporting requirements and campaign finance disclosure for public officials
SB 712 Authorizes the Governor to convey various pieces of state property
SB 754 Modifies law with respect to highway work zones and creates crime of "endangerment of a highway worker"
SB 817 Replaces Missouri's workers' compensation residual market plan with Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company
SB 818 Amends requirements for filing financial interest statements
SB 819 Modifies licensure requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors
SB 828 Repeals the sunset provision for dental hygienists
SB 891 Eliminates the position of transportation inspector general from the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight
SB 892 Modifies laws relating to financial institutions
SB 893 Modifies provisions relating to emergency services and fire protection
SB 918 Provides a tax deduction for 100% of the amount the taxpayer has paid for long-term care insurance premiums
SB 919 Repeals the statute permitting the city council of a third-class city to prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons
SB 931 Gives property owners one vote per acre when electing directors for a transportation development district
SB 932 Modifies laws relating to county officials
SB 933 Transfers the duty of appointing railroad policemen from the Highway Patrol to the Director of the Department of Public Safety
SB 963 Modifies "Macks Creek law" by applying a 45% cap on traffic fine revenues to violations that occur on all highways rather than just state highways
SB 992 Modifies provisions regarding medical emergencies
SB 993 Modifies processes for licensure and service of financial institutions
SB 1014 Modifies law relating to election administration
SB 1062 Allows videotaped depositions of mentally retarded persons to be admissible in certain criminal proceedings
SB 1063 Authorizes volunteer transportation services for the elderly
SB 1133 Requires Missouri to pay nondriver's license fees for applicants complying with voter identification laws
SB 1134 Creates the "Small-Business Advocacy Program" in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor
SB 1135 Modifies various provisions of law relating to investments by insurance companies
SB 1198 Sets penalties for anyone setting fires in an area that has been proclaimed to be in extraordinary danger from fire
SB 1199 Modifies definition of ambulatory surgical center to include certain abortion clinics
SB 1200 Transfers collection of surplus lines tax from the Department of Insurance to the Department of Revenue
SB 1223 Creates the "Missouri Targeted Development Program"
SB 1252 Modifies laws on child support
SCR 24 Reauthorizes the Poultry Industry Committee
SCR 30 Supports formation of a task force to develop a more balanced plan that incorporates the recreational, environmental and aesthetic values of the Lake of the Ozarks
HB 998 Authorizes the Govenor to convey state property located in Pettis County to the Girl Scouts Heart of Missouri Council
HB 1088 Provides that when the usual and customary retail price of a prescription drug is less than the copayment applied by a HMO or insurer, the enrollee is only required to pay the usual and customary retail price
HB 1105 Exempts military personnel on active duty and their spouses from being required to renew their driver's licenses while they are stationed outside the United States
HB 1149 Pertains to the regulation of water
HB 1157 Designates the bobwhite quail as the official state game bird
HB 1169 Changes the time period corporate names can be reserved from 60 to 180 days
HB 1192 Establishes the State Fair Escrow Fund
HB 1222 Allows coroners or medical examiners to appoint special deputy coroners or medical examiners in emergencies
HB 1367 Modifies bidding preference requirements for sheltered workshops
HB 1392 Modifies law relating to dental hygienists and marital and family therapists
HB 1411 Modifies laws relating to certain boards, commissions and councils
HB 1494 Modifies licensure requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors
HB 1762 Exempts persons who present proof of permanent disability from the United States Veterans Administration from the four-year certification requirement for renewal of disabled license plates and allows advanced practice registered nurses to issue statements to obtain disabled

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