Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Dougherty

SB 566 - Gives advanced practice registered nurses prescription authority
SB 567 - Modifies provisions relating to health insurance
SB 568 - Creates the "Children's Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council"
SB 632 - Restricts credit card companies from raising interest or fees
SB 633 - Restricts consumer reporting agencies' determination of credit risk scores
SB 634 - Provides Medicaid benefits to all cancer patients
SB 680 - Provides consumer protection for computerized personal information
SB 681 - Allows young adults to participate in the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, and subjects health services corporations to premium taxes to offset costs
SB 765 - Enacts provisions relating to emergency medical treatment
SB 789 - Modifies procedures of juvenile courts in their care and treatment of certain juveniles
SB 796 - Provides for two-thirds income disregard for Medical Assistance for Families recipients
SB 810 - Repeals the June 30, 2008, Medicaid Sunset Provision
SB 827 - Creates a commission to study the death penalty in Missouri and prohibits use of the death penalty for a time period
SB 829 - Repeals a portion of the law which allows certain utilities to apply for alternate rate schedules
SB 846 - Sets the maximum penalty for violating any Public Service Commission order relating to federal natural gas safety standards
SB 899 - Restricts and criminalizes obtaining and selling telephone and cellular phone call logs
SB 994 - Alters the "special education threshold" for any school district with a higher-than-average student population with elevated blood lead levels
SB 995 - Establishes a "Business and After-School Partnership Program"
SB 996 - Creates the "St. Louis City School Lead Abatement and Removal Fund"
SB 1021 - Modifies laws of the Missouri Health Insurance Pool
SB 1022 - Raises income limit for Medical Assistance for Families recipients
SB 1201 - Raises the Medicaid-eligibility level for old age assistance and permanently disabled recipients
SB 1202 - Allows the City of St. Louis to impose a sales tax to provide services to children age twenty-one and younger
SB 1203 - Promotes energy efficiency and the development and use of renewable energy
SB 1204 - Modifies provisions relating to parentage of a child
SB 1205 - Repeals timely filed discounts for sales tax and income tax withholding to fund the Utilicare Fund
SB 1230 - Modifies provisions on child care subsidies
SB 1231 - Creates new Medicaid cancer benefits
SB 1255 - Establishes the reorganization of the state health care system
HB 1601 - Enacts provisions relating to emergency medical treatment