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Bills Sponsored by Senator Days

SB 596 Authorizes a court to appoint a standby guardian for a minor
SB 597 Mandates health insurance coverage for morbid obesity
SB 598 Modifies law regarding the use of credit information by insurance companies
SB 660 Requires state employees to contribute a percentage of income toward their health insurance
SB 859 Creates an advance voting system for elections
SB 975 Amends laws relating to unsecured loans of $500 or less
SB 1004 Removes the special education statute from the sunset provision of the First Steps Program
SB 1046 Creates the "Emancipation Day Commission"
SB 1053 Enacts a long-term care public-private partnership program
SB 1167 Bars sitting senators and representatives from contracting with one another for fund raising and consulting for campaigns
SCR 28 Designates a state office building in Jefferson City as the "George Washington Carver State Office Building"
SCR 32 Urges United States Congress to include an allocation in the federal budget for a military transport plan program at Boeing St. Louis
HB 1256 Designates February 4th as the annual "Rosa Parks Day"
HB 1491 Requires the Family Support Division to urge Medicaid appliants to use federal veterans' benefits
HB 1732 Broadens and alters the criteria for permissible self-administered medications in public schools
HCR 25 Urges the United States Congress to include in the Federal Defense Budget an allocation for the United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III military transport plane program at Boeing St. Louis

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