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Bills Sponsored by Senator Bray

SB 593 Allows small employers to obtain medical coverage through the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
SB 594 Allows senior citizens to defer property tax payments
SB 595 Requires amount of taxes paid to another state for property taxes to be added back in for purposes of income tax calculation
SB 657 Requires applicants for Medicaid and CHIPs to identify the proposed beneficiary employer
SB 658 Prohibits any governmental entity from interfering with the right to obtain or use contraceptives
SB 659 Modifies the law regarding residential property insurance
SB 699 Creates the crime of "negligent storage of a firearm"
SB 700 Removes references to male and female employees and requires equal pay for the same work regardless of gender
SB 715 Eliminates the death penalty
SB 716 Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 717 Modifies various tax provisions
SB 725 Alters provisions regarding alcoholic beverages
SB 726 Modifies paperwork requirements in the formation of a new political party
SB 727 Allows the hiring of retired teachers to work between 550 and 800 hours without losing their retirement benefits
SB 734 Creates the "Public Employee Due Process Act"
SB 777 Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program"
SB 811 Enacts various changes with respect to the issue of medical malpractice insurance
SB 879 Prohibits the Transportation Department from closing a twelve-mile portion of U.S. Highway 40 in the St. Louis area
SB 880 Repeals a portion of the law that provides certain utilities the opportunity to apply for alternate rate schedules under a variety of circumstances
SB 943 Establishes the "Prevention First Act"
SB 944 Requires large employers to dedicate a percentage of profits for health care costs
SB 945 Prohibits gifts from lobbyists to members of General Assembly
SB 989 Requires committees to refund campaign contributions in some instances
SB 1039 Eliminates the annual state of the state transportation address given by the Director of the Department of Transportation to the General Assembly
SB 1070 Prohibits certain employees of the Public Service Commission from being employed by a public utility within two years of completing employment with the Commission
SB 1077 Creates new penalties for signing false names on petitions
SB 1078 Changes the complaint process for alleging excessive utility rates
SB 1083 Requires the Ethics Commission to post certain expenditure information for and against candidates on its website
SB 1096 Creates the "Local Community Rail Security Act of 2006"
SB 1119 Repeals the tax deduction for registration and examination fees paid by insurance companies
SB 1120 Requires the issuance of a "no contact" order under certain circumstances with sexual offense cases
SB 1168 Prohibits certain activities relating to human trafficking and prostitution
SB 1169 Exempts from certain administrative penalties school districts that demonstrate their students have to cross highways and arterials under specified conditions
SB 1170 Creates statutory warranties for home buyers and homeowners and also prevents home solicitors from engaging in certain deceptive practices
SB 1171 Modifies the law relating to eminent domain and condemnation proceedings
SB 1172 Revises the membership of the Regional Taxicab Commission
SB 1173 Implements the provisions of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
SB 1227 Modifies the law relating to the establishment of paternity
SB 1246 Eliminates the premium tax deduction for examination fees paid by insurance companies
SCR 33 Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
SCR 35 Condemns the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan
SR 2615 Designates May 27, 2006, as Rachel Carson Day in Missouri
HB 1180 Exempts from certain administrative penalties school districts that demonstrate their students have to cross highways and areterials under specified conditions

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